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In Honor of Halloween!


It’s so close to Halloween and I’m wondering where the chilling winds, falling multi-colored leaves, and scarecrows are? In my little southern town it’s hot as heck and no falling leaves are evident. It’s sad, but at least we still have the stores with all their Halloween goodies!

In honor of Halloween, I decided to have some fun and post some of my favorite things that compliment this season and this Halloween!


Scary Movies! Seriously, how can you have a Frightful time with no Monsters??



Child’s Play: Okay, as a kid this little doll scared the CRAP out of me! That flaming red hair, freaky green eyes, nasty teeth, and just the thought of a doll coming to life and killing people freaked me out. I accredit Chucky, as to why I never played with dolls.




This movie is a classic and is equally as terrifying! I love the young Jamie Lee Curtis in the first, and I loved the new Rob Zombie Halloween; it’s so creatively great and really explains the character of Michael Meyers. Also, that version is responsible for my different take on Nazareth’s Love Hurts.



Okay, I will admit the Leprechaun movies are kind of silly when looking at them now (years after loving them as a child), but they still have a very scary edge to them. I mean, it’s about a little, horribly ugly Leprechaun that’s a psychopath and only interested in killing people! My personal favorite is the one where Leprechaun terrorizes Las Vegas! Besides, the first Leprechaun was Jennifer Aniston’s first big movie.


Stephen King’s Pet Sematary

Yes, it’s old, but it’s a classic! The beauty of these movies is the scenarios are so realistic, I mean I find myself considering them. The movie is centered around a sematary that’s an indian burial site, and has the power to bring back the buried (in that sematary). It’s creepy, yet thoughtful. Plus, it’s a Stephen King novel-can’t go wrong.


Nightmare on Elm Street

I have recently bought all of these movies, and I do not remember them being as silly as they are! I mean, I guess that’s what happens when you grow up and watch a movie with a new sense of reality and new technology. But, besides that, the main idea of the story is scary enough. A man with knifes for a hand that comes and kills you in your dreams? Really, this is why I was so terrified of sleeping as a child!


The Grudge

Say what you want, but this movie is scary and freaking Creepy as all get out! This still creeps me out when I watch it! The story is awesome and the little kid and girl are scary! This movie was the only movie to make me scream in a theatre! I was that girl.

John Carpenter’s The Thing

What’s scarier than a bunch of people stuck together in Antarctica with a shape-shifting monster running lose? It’s a little old 1982, but it’s still great, besides Kurt Russell is in it!


Any Vampire Movie! Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a vampire or two! These are my all time favorites!

Interview with the Vampire: seriously, need I say more than BRAD PITT looking too beautiful for words with his long hair and creamy complexion or a young Kirsten Dunst and a cocky, deviant Tom Cruise?

Dracula: young Wynonna Ryder starrs as the love interest of the legendary Dracula! (fresh from co-starring along side Cher) and an awesome wardrobe/time frame!

Underworld: I love every movie in the series! They are so amazing and shoot brilliantly! Not only do they contain realistic fighting, shooting, morphing scenes, but they also have a beautiful Kate Beckinsale and handsome vampires and lykins!


Now that we have Scary Movies out of the way, let’s tackle the SPOOKY TREATS that are a must for this All Hallows Eve!



I hope everyone has a fun, happy, and safe Halloween! Now, go eat some candy and try not to acquire a tummy ache! I’ll leave you with these happy Halloween memories of mine from last year and what/who I am going to be this year!

Halloween 09′

I was Chicken Little

This year I am going to be Gene Simmons from KISS!!! But, there’s a twist..

PLUS =Current Gene




My Lovely Disorganized Cognitions


beautiful.jpg hello image by michellecarmelx3

This week has been eventful! I’ve had two exams, stayed up (studying) for over 48 hours,becoming a regular at a cool little coffee shop, admired the beginnings of the fall winds dancing along the spines of many leaves, and consumed more coffee than StarBucks can serve in one day..

5SummerSunandFallLeaves.jpg Summer Sun and Fall Leaves image by blayderboi89


and I re-read Marya Hornbaucher’s Wasted; oh, how I love that wonderful piece of literary art! I love my ear-clipped, coffee splattered, tattered, pen/highlighter markings that accompany the pages. Anyhow, today was my fiance’s 26 birthday, it was warmly delightful complete with silly string, letter candles, my mommy’s home made chocolate praline cake and baked spagetthi!


Pumpkin painting, dance teaching, facebooking,browsing post secret, developing a strange fascination for insomnia, consuming a dreadful hunger for an array of fashion magazines, oh and did I mention saving 2 friends from going to jail? All in a day’s work.


Who could ask for more, right?

Why You Should Love Yourself(& Your Body)-Women’s

jillian michaels 200

Jillian Michaels, Wellness Expert

By Jillian Michaels

“They would like you to write about your own struggles with body image as a child.”  And thus the subject of my blog for this years Women’s Conference was born.  The only thing that struck me as odd was the “as a child” part.  I’m a full grown 36-year-old woman who still occasionally wrestles with body image issues.  Don’t we all, to one degree or another?

The world is subjective and we see it through our mind’s eye.  For that reason, our life’s experiences and memories shape or “warp” our vision. This occurs on multiple levels, ranging from personal to professional, but by far the most insidious and potentially dangerous problems this can cause surround our physicality.  At the least, body image issues erode self-esteem, and at the worst, they can give way to potentially fatal eating disorders. 

The pressure to conform starts practically in utero and comes at us from every direction throughout our lives.  Be it family pressures or societal expectations, the moment we are brought into the world, the programming begins, and the rules are laid down.  “We behave this way, look and appear that way, talk when and as instructed” and so on.

We are by nature social creatures.  We crave conformity and harmony with the population – like it or not.  And who wouldn’t?  No one wants to be ostracized and face the painful punishment of rejection.  For this reason we strive to achieve the idea of perfection that society has impressed upon us.  Looping endlessly in the vicious cycle of hope, self-consciousness and self-loathing.

Who hasn’t looked in the mirror and dissected themselves or engaged in a severe verbal bashing? “My body is so gross.  I hate my fat knees.  I wish I were tall instead of short and dumpy.  My hair is thin and stringy.  My jiggly arm fat makes me sick.”  Blah blah blah. We’ve all been there to one degree or another and felt the sting of this ritual.

So now what?  Where does this leave us and how do we change?  Who is the enlightened soul that has evolved to the point of tossing off all of our cultural suppositions and basically telling the powers that be where to stick it? The answer to that is no one — or at least I certainly haven’t met her yet.

In fact, quite the opposite ends up happening. What begins as society’s imposition ends up our own doing.  Often we collapse under the pressure into submission, falling in line, adopting and propagating these provincial ideas of beauty.

So in actuality, the realization that we have become the problem empowers us to be the solution.  In the immortal words of President Truman, “The buck stops here!”  We must say no to this pernicious dogma and stop taking part in the endless spiral of judgment and loathing that we subject ourselves and other women to. 

We have to create awareness and be conscious of when we engage in this destructive behavior and conversely choose to implement an attitude and actions that are nurturing and life affirming.

When you catch yourself analyzing and criticizing – STOP and immediately pay yourself a compliment.  Celebrate the differences among women and appreciate beauty in all shapes, colors, and sizes.   Do something nice for yourself like getting a manicure pedicure.  Smile at a female co-worker instead of “hating her ’cause she’s beautiful.”  Glance over a list of all your accomplishments and all the things about you that your proud of.  And so on.

While this stuff might sound trite like a cheesy new age platitude, the truth is that it works.  Not overnight.  It takes time, diligence, and desire, but doesn’t everything that’s worth fighting for?  We have a responsibility to ourselves and to our daughters to send a different message, rewrite the rules, and change the game.  It’s up to us to set a new example, lead the way and then support and encourage others to follow suit.

Now, repeat after me “I’m smart, I’m beautiful, I’m funny and doggone it – people like me.” – Stuart Smalley.

Jillian Michaels is a New York Times best-selling author, a trainer and the life coach on the NBC hit series The Biggest Loser, and the star of the NBC show Losing It With Jillian.

Her DVDs, Yoga Meltdown, 30-Day Shred, No More Trouble Zones, and Banish Fat Boost Metabolism, are consistently top sellers on Amazon. In addition, she has two video games — Jillian Michaels’ Fitness Ultimatum 2009 and Jillian Michaels’ Fitness Ultimatum 2010. Her website is

Jillian Michaels will be speaking at The Women’s Conference 2010. Watch the webcast of her breakout session on Tuesday, October 26 on

I love my Jillian Michaels! She’s just awesome, fierce, fabulous, and inspirational! What do you guys think?

Poetry Releases the Heart’s Sorrow


poetry_normal.jpg poetry image by joeyscreek2005

Nothing speaks to me more than a great piece of dark, ambiguous, thoughtful literary art. Here’s some for thought!

Anne Sexton

Wanting to Die

Since you ask, most days I cannot remember.
I walk in my clothing, unmarked by that voyage.   
Then the almost unnameable lust returns.


Even then I have nothing against life.
I know well the grass blades you mention,   
the furniture you have placed under the sun.


But suicides have a special language.
Like carpenters they want to know which tools.
They never ask why build.


Twice I have so simply declared myself,   
have possessed the enemy, eaten the enemy,   
have taken on his craft, his magic.


In this way, heavy and thoughtful,   
warmer than oil or water,
I have rested, drooling at the mouth-hole.


I did not think of my body at needle point.
Even the cornea and the leftover urine were gone.   
Suicides have already betrayed the body.


Still-born, they don’t always die,
but dazzled, they can’t forget a drug so sweet   
that even children would look on and smile.


To thrust all that life under your tongue!—
that, all by itself, becomes a passion.   
Death’s a sad bone; bruised, you’d say,


and yet she waits for me, year after year,   
to so delicately undo an old wound,   
to empty my breath from its bad prison.


Balanced there, suicides sometimes meet,   
raging at the fruit a pumped-up moon,   
leaving the bread they mistook for a kiss,


leaving the page of the book carelessly open,
something unsaid, the phone off the hook
and the love whatever it was, an infection.

The Truth the Dead Know

For my mother, born March 1902, died March 1959
and my father, born February 1900, died June 1959

Gone, I say and walk from church,   
refusing the stiff procession to the grave,   
letting the dead tide alone in the hearse.   
It is June. I am tired of being brave.
We drive to the Cape. I cultivate
myself where the sun gutters from the sky,   
where the sea swings in like an iron gate
and we touch. In another country people die.
My darling, the wind falls in like stones
from the whitehearted water and when we touch   
we enter touch entirely. No one’s alone.
Men kill for this, or for as much.
And what of the dead? They lie without shoes   
in their stone boats. They are more like stone
than the sea would be if it stopped. They refuse   
to be blessed, throat, eye and knucklebone.

Fair or Unfair? What Do You Think?


NY seeks to ban sugary drinks from food stamp buys


By SARA KUGLER FRAZIER, Associated Press Writer Sara Kugler Frazier, Associated Press Writer 28 mins ago

NEW YORK – New Yorkers on food stamps would not be allowed to spend them on sugar-sweetened drinks under an obesity-fighting proposal being floated by Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Gov. David Paterson.

Bloomberg and Paterson announced Thursday that they are seeking permission from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which administers the nation’s food stamp program, to add sugary drinks to the list of prohibited goods for city residents receiving assistance.

If approved, it would be the first time an item would be banned from the federal program based solely on nutritional value.

The idea has been suggested before, including in 2008 in Maine, where it drew criticism from advocates for the poor who argued it unfairly singled out low-income people and risked scaring off potential needy recipients.

In 2004 the USDA rejected Minnesota’s plan to ban junk food, including soda and candy, from food stamp purchases, saying it would violate the Food Stamp Act’s definition of what is food and could create “confusion and embarrassment” at the register.

Some New Yorkers who receive the assistance said officials had good intentions but felt the proposal went too far.

“I can see the sodas, but suppose somebody’s in bad shape and they just want juice?” said Harold Vilson, a 56-year-old Brooklyn resident who said he uses food stamps.

“If people want to buy that stuff, they should be able to. If it’s not an illegal product, they should be able to buy what they want to buy.”

The food stamp system, which was launched in the 1960s, serves some 40 million Americans a month and does not currently restrict any other foods based on nutrition. Recipients can essentially buy any food for the household, although there are some limits on hot or prepared foods.

Food stamps also cannot be used to buy alcohol, cigarettes or items such as pet food, vitamins or household goods.

The city and state proposal would be temporary, so officials could study its effects over two years. It would apply only to food stamp recipients in New York City — 1.7 million of the city’s more than 8 million residents — and would not affect the amount of assistance they receive.

“This initiative will give New York families more money to spend on foods and drinks that provide real nourishment,” said a statement from Bloomberg, who also has outlawed trans-fats in restaurant food and has forced chain restaurants to post calorie counts on menus.

In fiscal year 2009, New Yorkers received $2.7 billion in food stamp benefits and spent $75 million to $135 million of that on sugary drinks, the city said.

The ban would apply to any beverage that contains more than 10 calories per 8 ounces, except for milk products, milk substitutes like soy milk and rice milk, and fruit juices without added sugar.

A 20-ounce sugar-sweetened drink can contain the equivalent of as many as 16 packets of sugar.

Advocates for the poor expressed alarm Thursday about the proposal, which the New York City Coalition Against Hunger said “punishes poor people for the supposed crime of being poor.”

“It’s sending the message to low-income people that they are uniquely the only people in America who don’t know how to take care of their family,” said Joel Berg, the group’s executive director. “The problem isn’t that they’re making poor choices, the problem is that they can’t afford nutritious food.”

There still are many unhealthful products New Yorkers could purchase with food stamps, including potato chips, ice cream and candy. But officials said the proposal targets sugary drinks because they are the largest contributor to obesity.

In New York, a proposal to adopt a penny-per-ounce tax on sweetened soda failed to get out of the state Legislature earlier this year; Bloomberg backed the state proposal.

“We continue to see a dramatic rise in obesity among children, especially in low-income communities,” state Department of Health Commissioner Richard Daines said. “This initiative targets a major public health threat — the high consumption of sugary beverages — which have little to no nutritional value.”

More than half of adult New York City residents are overweight or obese, along with nearly 40 percent of public school students in kindergarten through eighth grade.

City officials said lower-income residents are most likely to drink one or more sugar-sweetened drinks a day; type 2 diabetes is also twice as common among poor New Yorkers compared to the wealthiest.

USDA spokesman Aaron Lavallee said Thursday the agency received the proposal and will consider it.

The department recently launched a pilot program to encourage food stamp recipients to make more healthful choices in their food shopping. Under the program, involving 7,500 randomly selected households in Massachusetts, participants get 30 cents added to their benefit balances for every dollar they spend on fruits and vegetables — which reduces the cost of fresh produce by almost one-third.

My Two Cents: Personally, I think it’s a little harsh, but I agree. If you are living off the governmnent and off of tax payer’s money, then I believe you shouldn’t be allowed to buy this crap. It’s not necessary or efficient. These high calorie, high sugar drinks contribute to obesity, high blood sugar, and a whole host of other problems. As someone who also works at a store, I can tell you nothing makes me angry like watching someone pile $30.00 worth of sugar on the counter, only to pay for it with EBT. I think it’s fair.

Brillant, Shocking Documentary


My Two Cents: This is a must see! This documents two women  (journalists, writers) who undergo the tasks of trying to get to a size 00; the method they’re using to get to this “societal ideal” is extreme dieting like that of an eating disorder.  As the documentary progresses, the ladies develop common symptoms and common thoughts/actions associated with eating disorders. This documentary is worth noting and watching!

What’s their final conclusions? Better to be happy, energetic, loving, with meat on your bones, than to be tired, cold, and sad because of lack of nutrients. Stop trying to pursue societal ideals or horrible coping, adjustment skills. I know eating disorders are horrible, threatening, addicting diseases but, life is so much better without one! I promise! I know! All it takes it some help and some will power! It’s hard, tough, and prone to tons of set backs, but in the end it will be so worth your fight!