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A HodgePodge of Goodies :)


I’m just in a blogging mood these past few days…even though I have tons of work to do for school. Guys, when people tell you your senior year of college will be crazy, they meant it! Anyhow, as I promised here’s a fun little mixture of random tid bits that currently interest me.


How to ‘Burlesque’-Up

I’m in a burlesquing mood these days (okay, due to Cher/Christina Aguleria’s new movie); here are a few tips from stylist Rachel Zoe on how to add a little splash of Burlesque to your look.

A.) Pearls and Feathers add a lovely taste!

B.) Leather

C.) Red Lips

D.) Lace

E.) Your ‘WERK’ Heels

(Forever 21)

Fendi - Belted Peplum Leather JacketRobert Rodriguez - Seamed Leather Dress

Blank Denim - Cropped Leather Skinny Jeans(Marc Jacobs)

(Yves Saint Laurent Rouge VolupteNARS Velvet Matte Lip PencilCoverGirl Continous Color Lipstick in Really Red)

Bisou Bisou 'trista'Black Leather Platform Heeled Booties With Side Lace UpFall's Best Booties – A Shopping Guide At Every Price Point


(Here’s a list of the things I give a 2 thumbs up to!)

For Colored Girls– This movie is such a wonderful blend of artistic beauty, with its fusion of amazing acting, poetry, dialgoue, human struggles, and human triumphs! Def. a must see. It was originally a play consisting of poetry!

Rain Boots, seems like I’m using these now more than ever around here.

Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Latte, what a warming way to get in the holiday spirit! Of course, I order this with nonfat milk and no whip. But, if you want to splurge every now and again go for it!

Chapstick and  Petroleum Jelly, I prefer Burt’s Bees or Lipsmackers and the PJ is cheap but oh so effective!


Kathy Griffin as Cher 🙂


Newly purchased books! Oh, how I am so addicted to book shopping!


Christina Perry’s Jar of Hearts video- this is so beautiful and tremendously captivatingly alluring. The video is so artistic, and from a dancer/choreographer POV it’s just simple in the most natural, glorious way! I love this so much; the song is lovely and identifiable!


Alanis Morissette’s “Not As We”: she’s gorgeous, simple yet complex, and honest as nature’s winds. This is such a laid back, contemporary tune. I love it and the video is just full of gorgeous scenary.




Burlesque Anticipation!



Click to view full size imageClick to view full size imageClick to view full size imageClick to view full size image

I don’t know if  you guys have been living under a rock, but incase  you haven’t heard the glorious news Burlesque is set to debute nationwide on Thanksgiving! Thank you baby Jesus for giving us turkey, family, and CHER on Thanksgiving! I am so very thankful for Cher and this movie! But not only Cher, but this cast is full of brillant talent: Stanley Tucci, Cher, Christina Aguilera, Kristen Bell, Ciam Gigandet, Julianne Hough, and Alan Cumming, just to name a few! It looks spectacular with sets that would drive Old Hollywood nuts with Glamour and Poise! It looks to  be one amazing musical!

Plot summary:The Burlesque Lounge has its best days behind it. Tess, a retired dancer and owner of the venue, struggles to keep the aging theater alive, facing all kinds of financial and artistic challenges. With the Lounge’s troupe members becoming increasingly distracted by personal problems and a threat coming from a wealthy businessman’s quest to buy the spot from Tess, the good fortune seems to have abandoned the club altogether. Meanwhile, the life of Ali, a small-town girl from Iowa, is about to change dramatically. Hired by Tess as a waitress at the Lounge, Ali escapes a hollow past and quickly falls in love with the art of burlesque. Backed by newfound friends amongst the theater’s crew, she manages to fulfill her dreams of being on stage herself. Things take a dramatic turn though when Ali’s big voice makes her become the main attraction of the revue.

Live from the Premiere from 11-15-10

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Various Media coverages!

For Those Much Needed Energy Boosts!


daisey2.jpg daisey image by susieq92680Powered By Living Naturally

I don’t know if you’re like me, but sometimes (okay, most of the time!) I need an energy boost for my long days of school, work, dance, and workouts. Needless, of your agenda we just need a little boost every now and again! So, the other day I wonder into this little health foods store and I instantly fell in love! It was a sanctuary for any ‘health’ freak! There were vitamins,organic products, herbal products of all kinds, and anything else one could desire in the healthly/natural realm! This little place was Virginia’s Health Store and I absolutely found it a blessing from above to have this shop next door to my favorite place in the world- A book store!!!! So any way, (sorry for wondering off into my little ecstasy laden land) I found the health supplement Jillian Michaels suggests Guarana. I love it, but I don’t take it everyday because I bought it in it’s fluid form, organic alcohol state. You can purchase health supplements/diet products that effectively mix Gurana with White Willow Bark and they are great! It’s all natural. I love it because it produces energy that builds as time progresses. It isn’t a rush, then crash effect like most energy products out there. It has also been used to treat pain, fatigue, detoxing the blood, boosting metabolism, and aiding in cardiovascular health. This may be because Guarana has a higher % of caffeine than coffee or cacao beans! That is why you typically see this little guy in energy drinks or diet supplements.





These are my energy alternatives! What’s yours????

1.) Running/Working Out

2.) My Get Krunk Jamz for energy

3.) Some Artifical Sugar (please, take in small dosages, may lead to body fat and dun-lapp disease)





Delicious Choices My Dear.


With the weather changing (constantly from hot to cold, sunny to rainy, where I am currently!) I like to change up my food choices, well snack choices actually because I don’t really eat meals. I get full way to fast to even attempt a full meal, so I just snack 😉 So, with the changing winds, leaves, and temperature I like to switch it up!

A.) Chai Green Tea + Organic NonFat Milk + 1 packet Equal= My Warming Solace

(yes, that would be my KISS shirt I’m rocking!)

B.) Whole Wheat Gold Fishies! I heart these little fish so much! 55 are only 140 cals

C.)Bob’s Red Mill Steel Cut Oats! This is heavenly when combined with a drizzle of honey, bare naked granola, pb, and banana slices!

D.) My Acidic Addiction; I give  you PLUM TOMATOES!! I eat them like candy!

E.) Home Made Chicken Noodle Soup! Nothing soothes an itchy, sore throat or a tummy like this classic!


F.) Sweet and Regular Potatoes! These lovelies are great starches and good sources to help with cold-fighthing(but don’t over do it!)


G.) Granola, for some reason I seem to eat more of this during the fall/winter! I love any flavor from Bare Naked! Their products are always all natural!

H.) Greek Yogurt with little mixtures of nature! This is so tasty w. granola/honey/fruit/ or cinammon!


I.) My Greens!  My Mom says I will turn into Popeye one day from all the spinach I eat!


J.) Non Fat Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows Galore!

K.) Nutella, this little baby is soo delicious, and so is All Natural PB!


Enjoy your holidays and I hope you keep those cold germs at bay!



Stick Figures: Too Thin?



I’m so sad to see such massive coverage/interest in what I call the ‘thin craze’. It seems people are influenced (by much of society, not all) to be thin; that being thin is ideal, beautiful, successful, powerful, and intelligent. It seems like our culture is in a thin craze, but it’s so contradictory because once a celeb. gets to the thin phase, they’re hounding him/her for the loss of weight and then the speculations and accusations start about their ‘thin figures’.

I’d like to see more body appreciation and the love of curves come back into style! What happened to love what  you have? Or appreciate your qualities, your traits, your uniqueness because there will only be one you!

90210 Jessica Stroup, Shenae Grimes too skinny? anorexic?

It’s A New Day Peeps!


Just a little comical pic f Jillian-curtesy of a butt cramp 🙂

hellolovely.jpg HELLO LOVELY image by ROHI143

So, to get my day started off right, wait, is it a new day? I’ve been up since Thursday morning; I’ve been studying for two exams! YIKES! Anyway, I’ve been feeling a bit down and a bit overwhelmed lately, but I’ve found my stolen mojo and my lost effort to live a clean/healthy/vivacious life! Plus, with all the things I need to get done before I even consider applying to graduate school-I’m gonna need my wheaties! So, I’m starting my day off with 2 hard boiled eggs and a grape Propel fitness water! For lunch, I believe I am going to have some pretzels and an orange,; for dinner, I really don’t have a clue. I do know, I am going to try So Delicious Coconut Milk; my health goddess Jillian Michaels swears by it! Well, I’m going to stop blabbing; take a shower; eat my eggs; workout then study some more until my exams. PEACE OUT HOLMES.