Beast Mode My Life.


My Motto for 2011: BEAST MODE

Over my break I did alot of things…workout I did occasionally. So, to make up for it and ground I lost for taking a break, I whipped my butt into gear this past week and went into beast mode. I am currently sitting in my chair with sore thighs, abs, and arms. Needless to say, I covered my ground. I want to be the best possible me in 2011 and I’m starting it off right!!! What did you guys make as resolutions? Mine are as follows:

1. No Procrastination

2. Workouts Steady and Hardcore

3.Complete my first half-marathon

4.No Procrastination

5.Absolutley no processed foods

6.Rotate between Jillian Michaels 6 pack abs/30 day shred daily

7. Get up to 7 miles running

I know I shoot high and aim for many, but what is a life without aspirations??


The Beast Mode Workout I’ve been doing…. DUN DUN DUN


a.) The past two nights I’ve done Level 1 of Jillian Michaels 6 pack Abs in 6 Weeks, let me tell you it works! I did it with no added weight and was sore. It is a mixture of cardio/abs incorporating the entire body. AWESOME.

b.) 5 Stadium Snakes + Running Laps= Killer Cardio

c.) Hitting the Gym for whole body, esp. arms,back, and abs

—-repeating this daily on top of teaching dance beast mode, I believe so.


Happy New Year!

Fun TidBits!

Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper on New Years..

Kathy and……CHER in Hawaii!




New Loves….YUMMY

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