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All You Sexy People


I command you to fill your (Bedazzled) Pimp Cup and get on the Floor!

Jackie Nicole Stringfellow


So, I’m a little obsessed with Josh Stickland’s new single, “Report to the Floor”. This track is HAWT dawg! Listen and wiggle those little boooties!

In case you didn’t know, Josh is the current lead male in the Las Vegas show Peep Show (Planet Hollywood) and he’s also one of the stars from E!’s reality show Holly’s World. He’s pretty amazing and so handsome.


In Honduras, You Can Call the Cops if Your Dad Is Smoking

Honduras is contemplating implementing new anti-smoking legislation that allows family members to call the police to their home if members of the household are smoking. The Washington Times reports that the legislation is being put forward because of the affects of smoking on the Honduran health-care system.

For every dollar that the tobacco industry makes in Honduras, the state spends $10 to fight smoking-related diseases, according to the Health Department.

The expense of health-care for smokers force Honduras to take action now in order to save millions, but is the legislation tenable in a country where 30 percent of the population smokes and where crime is rampant?

“Police won’t be able to enforce it because they can barely keep up with the crime wave that has been overwhelming us to be able to go after those who are smoking at home,” said Jose Martinez, a 38-year-old computer engineer who has smoked for 20 years.

The anti-smoking law makes Honduras the 29th member state of WHOto adopt such a measure, but is made more confusing by allowing family members to call in home. In addition to measures that can now be taken at home, smoking is banned in public places and there is now a ban on advertising tobacco products.


Wow, to me that’s a little too much. This is an article from The lovely author is Ann Marie Gardner

Little Bo Peep: Holly Madison!


I used to love the E! show “Girls Next Door”, however, Kendra and Bridget were my favorites. Holly was always a little too chill, you know when compared to the other two, so naturally I kind of over looked her. But now, I’ve been watching “Holly’s World” and I LOVE Miss Madison! She’s so energetic, optimistic, and cute! I really want to see her Peep Show in Vegas! It looks spectacular! I’ve been 3 times to Vegas and every time I missed it! Sad news Bears 😦


Tweet, Tweet…


I’m oddly fascinated by other people’s twitters, especially celebrities (IDK Why?). So, I thought to post some of my favorites!

Jillian Micheals: Saving the largest resident lobster!

Kim Kardashian: Can I have a Glam Squad, also?

Kim Kardashian Kourtney Take New York Promo Photo Shoot

Nothing like some New York pizza at midnight with @KourtneyKardash!Sophie Tweed-Simmons: She’s gorgeous, honest, and funny!

my pretty girl at the grammys tonight.

Nicki Minaj: Leopard Seesters!

Kathy Griffin: Really, Beiber fever for you, too?

Jesus H!  This 3D @Justinbieber thing has as many A Listers as friggin Oscars!...

Mia Michaels: Always inspiring and creative!

Happier than the Hatter!


Before I started my day today, I went to the gym..Omni that is! That dwelling is my new paradise! Anyhow, my best friend and I decided to try Yoga for the first time. You know, we’ve all heard EVERYONE talking about how incredible it is, well now I get it. It is peaceful, insightful, and get this…it really works your entire body. It combines stretching, body weight, and meditation all into one. I left feeling refreshed and inspired to start my Fresh, New Day! I mean, Yoga is originally a traditional mind/body practice that started in India so it has to be amazing (oh, how I love India and its traditions). Here are some of the classic poses that are incorporated into yoga! WARNING: They Look Pretty Advanced, but we all have to start somwhere 🙂

Also, as you know I’ve been Beast Moding my life in all aspects. I’ve finally started to gain muscle and see real definition in my body. I’m getting to my “Jillian” goal! Here are some tips that have helped me get this far:

1. Up your protein intake. You can do this by just increasing your diet by incorporating more protien rich foods like: fish, lean meat, chicken, and whole wheat pastas or you take supplements or drinks. I like whey protein shakes with nonfat milk. They’re heavy so I like to drink a cup of nonfat milk w. 2 scoops of whey an hour before I workout (if I workout hardcore I drink another one after). I have also developed a love for wheat germ! You can find it in most grocery stores and it can be sprinkled on anything (you can also try Flax Seed!).

2. Increase your water consumption. Water helps keep you hydrated and your skin looking gorgeous! Plus, we’re like 80% water. We need it! If you just don’t like water, try some (low sugar) sports drinks. Make sure you read the label, some are misleading. Check the sugar content! I prefer Propel, Vitamin Water, and Gatorade (G2).

3. Stay Motivated. I stay motivated by really taking time and appreciating how much better I feel after I eat cleanly or workout. I also spend some time through out the week educating myself on health/fitness. For instance, I’ll browse the magazine rack for: Women’s Fitness, Runners, and any thing on the web about nutrition, food, and fitness. Knowledge really is power. Educate yourself about your body.  

4. Get a Partner! We all know it can get tough trying to make changes on your own. Finding a buddy is so motivating and really helpful! It helps you share a similar goal!

5. Set Goals! I set goals for myself that way I have a reason to workout. For instance, me and my dad have started running 5ks. My first goal was to just get him to run; he is runnindgdaily now and loves it. We just completed our 2nd 5k this past weekend! My goal was to shave a whole minute off of my time! I did, so now my goal is too run 3.2 miles in 27:38 without feeling near death towards the end. With goals, we have something to strive for! What’s your goals? Take small steps first. Don’t set  yourself up for failure by planning huge leaps!