Why hello there! Are you going to sit a spell and stay a bit? I hope you are because I’d be delighted!

This blog is interesting; it’s kinda strange, a little electric,  and maybe a bit bizarre (like myself), but one things for sure this is my first blog and I’m hoping it won’t be my last. My intention is to create a fun-loving, inspirational blog that will help atleast one person. Let me give you the run down of this “sparkling” blog. It may be a bit random (for I am, very), but it will flow and be easily accessible! I want to talk about who I am and what I have learned in my short 21 years of life; I’m a recovering bulimic and I’m actively pursuing a healhty, truely happy lifestyle. Through the years, I’ve learned things, done things, and experienced things I feel should be shared! So, if you’d like to come along with me as I tell you of my favorite reads, eats,  locations, and maybe dish on some gossip (nothing mean I tell you!) then come along with me! As Kathy Griffin says “Suck it or Love it!”

So here is a run down of what you will find here:

~My Eating Disordered Past and Slow Crawl to Recovery

~My Favorite Treats!

~Things I Feel Like You Should Most Def. Know!




This Sparkling Rhinstone-Jackie S.



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