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Coffee Adventures


Starbuck’s Double Shot Vanilla Espresso & Red Hair

Today’s coffee adventure was a lot exciting, and a little on the rock star side. I decided to go for it, and dye my hair red, like Rock Star red. It was an awesome choice and I loved it! So edgy, cute, sexy, and rockerish. Anyhow, my coffee adventure was more of a “straight espresso” kind of adventure. I enjoyed Starbuck’s Double Espresso with Vanilla!

Honduras El Paraiso Bourbon

Today’s coffee pick is an unique one I just purchased from Amazon.com. I can’t wait until it gets here! It’s The America’s Honduras El Paraiso Bourbon.


  • ARABICA VARIETAL: Typica & Bourbon
  • AROMA: Sweet, nutty and caramel-like with hints of cocoa
  • BRIGHTNESS: Light and subdued, this coffee is rich and body driven (vs. bright acidity)
  • FLAVOR: Rich roasted nut character with toffee, caramel-like syrupy sweetness
  • BODY & FINISH: Creamy and herbal with distinctive cinnamon tones


The Red Diaries, in 4 photos:

It’s Scarlet for Me, for Now.


Jillian (Freaking Fabulous) Michaels



Okay, now, I am thinking we have all heard of Jillian Michaels! She’s that “tough, mean” trainer on the ABC show, “The Biggest Loser”; or you could have seen her on her new show “Losing it with Jillian”, which also airs on ABC (I’m addicted, ps. catch it every Tuesday night!). Wait, there’s more. This little lady, standing at about 5’2, also has a whole line of Wii games, fitness videos, and fitness equipment. Now, does she ring a bell? Imagine her jumping in a face yelling “You gonna quit” or “Keep GOING!” “Don’t stop walking until you faint, vomit, or die.” Yep, that’s her!

I love this woman so much because she is inspirational and a success. She was overweight as a teenager. 70 pounds, to be exact I believe. She started martial arts, which soon lead her to discovering and appreciating fitness and your body’s overall health. Okay, now do you see why I love her? Sure, she gets in your face, hops on the treadmill like a beautiful, fit little bird and screams, but she also nutures, asks, and listens. She breaks you down to build you back up! It’s a process. Think about it. Most of us need that loud voice telling us to just do it, or to just suck it up! She does this and gives so much more.

I believe and promote her products. They are amazing. My favorite is Jillian Michaels: Banish fat, Boost Metabolism. This is a kick in the rear. I dance, workout, and run religiously, and I still can not finish the whole tape without a couple of breaks! (I tell you, it’s those darn mountain climbers!) If you’re serious about fitness, and want to add a great workout DVD, I’d def. recommend this or any other Jillian Michaels video. They are amazing. Her book is def. a great plus to. She has many, but my favorite is Making the Cut.  Not only does it offer great nutritional advice (tons of it!), but it also has meal plans, workout plans, correct ways to measure BMI/target heart rate, and it also has pages worth of workout tips/exercises. Believe me, they work. I went Tuesday to the gym and incorporated 3 of the exercises from her book (on top of my usual run/sprints); let’s just say the pain from my Quadriceps (front thigh muscles) just went away today! Do  you know how much work it takes to make these dancing legs sore? ALOT!

Anyway, look Jillian up, or watch her everyTuesday on ABC- Losing it With Jillian; you can also catch her on The Biggest Loser-ABC, or Facebook/Twitter! You know, everyone has one these days! But, get this, Jillian’s is actually ran by her! Her facebook is teriffic because it’s so personal and real!