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Coffee Adventures


Novel, Rain, The Carpenters, & Coffee ❤

On this rainy Friday, my cup of steaming, soothing coffee is helping me kick the rainy blues! Well, maybe that and the fact I basically have more sugar & creamer than coffee…but, that’s how I like it! My Carpenters Pandora station is easing the rainy blues too. Side Note: “The Flock” is an amazing memior of a woman who lived with, discovered, and overcame multiple personalities.

Wake the F**K Up Coffee

Today’s coffee selection can be found in almost every store in New Orleans! I love it. It’s extra strong, and could you really pass up the picture with the name? Plus, its aroma is soo tempting. It’s almost like a hybrid between wine and a cigar barrell. It’s made from “Costa Rican & Brazilian coffees, Artisan roasted and ground in New Orleans. Espresso beans are ground into the mix”. Oh yes, it’s delicious. It’s a very heavy coffee, very strong. If you don’t like strong coffee, it’s not for you.

To send you off this today, I’ll leave you with an inspirational message :”Everything is as it is meant to Be.  It is what it is/you are who you are for reasons beyond human comprehension.  All is divine perfection.”


Mermaids, Still a Myth?


Mermaids, Myth of Fact?

As long as I’ve had the capability to think, discover, and ponder on my own accord (and by using/finding numerous sources of information), I’ve always believed that anything is possible. I mean, what is fact? Our facts, or our reality, is made up of discoveries; things we humans discover and name. We only know what we find, and how do we know we’ve found everything? We’ve explored the galaxy more than we have the deep sea. In the past decade, we’ve discovered 2 new types of whales! We never knew they existed because we had never seen them. Who are we to say that mermaids also do not exist? Science implies that nothing is impossible.

What spurred this post? This amazing documentary I watched on Animal Planet “The Body Found: Mermaids”. If you have not watched it, please do so! It’s about a team of scientist who discovered partial remains (appeared to have been attacked by shark) of a new kind of animal that washed ashore. This body was found amongst the massive amounts of  dead whales that were linked to the US Navy’s series of sonar tests.

The body was found to consist of human like bones in the “flipper/tail” unlike other sea life’s tails. The bones were ones that make up the human hand. They also discovered (after taking  MRI scans) that this animal once stood on two legs (discovered human like pelvic bones). The skull recovered was also human-like, with en-larged eye sockets and a space for easier sonar communication. Eeery, right? It gets better. The body was found with an unidentified bone that was hollowed out with a thin space at the top (remember this)…these same scientists discovered a sting ray barb lodged in the shark, near it’s mouth. The team discovered that the barb fit perfectly in the hollowed bone found with the body!

The team that found this body, had all of their information/recordings/footage confiscated by the government (You don’t say?). This included DNA from the animal that they termed “contaminated” because this creatures DNA was too closely matched to human DNA. REALLY?? HUMMM.  You don’t believe me? Try finding information about the leading scientist Dr.Paul Robertson…you get a page that says all info. has been removed by Homeland Security……

There was also sonar recordings taken (on 2 seperate occasions) called “The Bloop” that was thought to be organic, but has actually never been identified. When the team slowed the recordings down to human hearing level, they discovered a new set of communication sonar from an unidentified source!

Found in an Egyptian Cave

Still not convinced? Let me share with you other information.

*Mermaids have been persistant throughout our history, globally. We’re talking about a tale that has been told around the world, in different cultures, long before we had spoken communication. Yes, there are egyptian graphics depecting ‘humans’ with fins that live under water, that men with legs were hunting…Perhaps, we drove them into hiding into deeper waters?

*For years, fishermen have been discovering/catching sharks, fish, and other sea life with spears already in them.

*Many fishermen have come forth (from all around the world) with stories of pulling a creature from the nets that resembled a human. Why believe them right? Well, some are actually highly regarded, men of history like John Smith, Christopher Columbus, and Henry Hudson.

*How about the strange way dolphins in Brazil help the fishermen herd/catch fish? These dolphins know (without any help/coaching) to herd schools of fish to the fishermen, where the fishermen cast nets, catch both, release the cooperative and not afraid dolphins, then reward them. You could disregard this, but get this..the dolphins were not taught this.

*Why are we the only primates that have webbing between our digits? Why does our highly functioning brain depend on nutrients found in seafood? Why do we have an extra layer of fat insulating our bodies?Why do babies instinctively know to swim and hold their breath under water?  Why do we sweat and cry salt water? NO other primate has these qualities? Only humans.

*There’s also the Aquatic Ape Theory, which I personally can believe. It states that through adaptation (the very way we TODAY walk  up-right, communicate, and assemble) a strain of humans changed for life in the sea. This could have easily happened over years. When the world was changing, it may have been neccessary for some to relocate to water to better survive. Every animal in existence has adapted and became something else for survival. The polar bear branched from a group of brown bears that needed to adapt to water life.

I’m saying I believe anything is possible and that we humans know nothing. How can we?  What you believe is up to you.

These fishermen caught this shark with unidentified spears already in the shark.

The Spear up-close

Old drawings of “sea creature” that fit the recently discovered skull remains.

Links: http://drpaulrobertson.com/ (Homeland Security seized this)