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4 Most Daring…


So, here we are again with my top 4 most daring! This post will be on 4 most daring scenes in a TV show! This should be fun! We know we’ve all watched an episode and been like, “Hold up, did they really just do that?”

Difficult to find an ‘acceptable’ picture for this!

1.) Episode 8 of Season 1 of True Blood: The Fourth Man in the Fire

I don’t know about you, but when I watched this episode my jaw was open. If you haven’t seen it..it goes like this. Sookie thinks Bill died in a fire, well he didn’t. He buried himself in the earth and when Sookie runs past him (buried in the earth), he sprouts his arm from the ground and grabs her leg. From here, they proceed to have the (idk how I feel) most: erotic, kinky, sexy sex-capade I’ve ever seen. You’re literally like, WTF.

Meet LuLu

2.) I’m not poking fun at her. In fact, I think it’s admirable that she has the courage and the confidence to do that on national television. Bravo. But, it was totally unexpected.

What’s wrong with her hair?? NOTHING.

3.) Kim’s NO WIG reveal on Bravo’s “Don’t be Tardy for This Wedding.” Alright, this was def. a most daring because, after years of Kim saying no,no,no, I was very sick,  lost my hair due to a health crisis..that’s why I wear wigs, I was totally expecting a bald head or something along those lines. You know, a reason one would feel better about wearing wigs. NOPE! Her hair is gorgeous. WTF? It’s daring because I can’t imagine all the backlash she got for milking that.

Getting that Gold!

4.) Cher, upon recieving her lifetime achievement award, saying on LIVE television (to her critics through the years), “To all the critics who said I was done and gone over and over again, FUCK YOU. I still have a job and you don’t.” That’s my girl! That’s daring because it’s ‘illegal’ to do and you will get sued by the networks. Cher got sued, but it was totally worth it. I love it.


Obama’s Fundraising in LA


Earlier this week President Obama held a fundraiser in LA. Guess who went? CHER! Well, she went with her mother (who’s 86 & fabulous), Chaz (her son), Lori Rodkin, and Cher’s bff/assistant Paulette Betts. I stalked their twitters waiting for updates! This is what I got Lovelies! God, how do I love Twitter!

From Cher’s Twitter

What she wore: “Beauteous Roberto Cavalli outfit! Mom,sisG,Rodkin&Pauli go’n 2 ! take pics”

How excited they were: “Seamstress doing hem!Picking up Mom whose acting like 6 yr old going 2 CIRCUS! Rodkins bring gold earrings! Pic up G & Pauli!Pics 2ComeLater”

What Obama said to Cher’s mom: “They send 2 me ill twt!Told him mom’s 86’n he said”Georgia,tell me what u eat”& Smiled! MOM was all,OMG! RTKathyLovesCherWhere’s pic W/Obama”

Cher (66) & her Mommy (86) before meeting Obama

Being a typical girl: “B4 these pics,Clothes,Makeup, Flying Everywhere!WE Laughed SO Hard were Falling down!Chaz combing beard in Middle of 5CRAZY Women & Lindsey”

The Girls (the Blonde is Cher’s sister!)

Cher & Chaz

Other celebs were there, but I just cared about Cher 🙂

4 Most Daring…


I was sitting here thinking about how much I love uniqueness and genuiness. Nothing makes me happier than people truly being themselves. I love fashion, but what I love more is when people shock others with their fashion choices. I love spontaneous people. It’s exciting. So, since I’m stuck behind a desk on a slow Saturday, here’s my top 4 picks for Most Daring…Fashion edition.

This is what a fashion designer should look like!

1.) Betsy Johnson.

I picked BJ, because not only is she one of my TOP favorite designers, she’s crazy (my kind of crazy)! When you look at her you wouldn’t think she’s this great designer. Her creations are unique, on the edge of out there, and affordable. I think she’s daring because she’s not straight laced.

How fabulous, right?

2.) Cher at 1987 Oscars.

My go-to woman, CHER! Say what you want, this woman is an innovator. Before Madonna, there was ONLY CHER.  After being snubbed of the Oscar in 1987 (bc she didn’t dress or act like a serious actress), Cher showed up to present an Oscar in this amazing Bob Mackie number, with one blue and one brown eye. Who else has blatanlty said “Fuck You” to the Oscars??

Get it Gurrll

3.) Madonna with the Conned Bra.

Obviously, this has become infamous! Madonna is many things, and ballsy just happens to be my favorite trait of hers.

Soooo Meaty!

4.) Lady Gaga with her Meat Dress

Really? I know we all said WTF when she walked out on stage wearing this. I love her so, because every thing she does has a meaning behind it.

I’m curious, what are you’re top picks for most daring looks?

Saturday Seductions..Meow


For some reason, I woke up this morning in the greatest of moods. Frankly, I don’t know why because I didn’t really sleep that well. But, I’m roaring to go! Every Saturday, I’m going to start posting 3 Saturday Seductions. These things are just going to be things I happen to like, want to share, think are sexy! So, here are this weeks top 3 Saturday Seductions.

My bf aka Puff the Magic Cigar Dragon

1.) Cigars

I believe I find cigars attractive because to me, they’re very masculine. My boyfriend (The lovely model in the picture) loves to smoke them, we both do. Well, we do it as a social, “going out” thing. One of my favorite t h ings to do in New Orleans is visit the Cigar Factory. It’s this shop/bar that rolls cigars for you, in front of you. It’s so fascinating. I just like the special feeling of  puffing on one every now and again.

My “Lisa Rinna” Bangs

2.) Chunky Bags

I recently cut ALL OF MY HAIR OFF. Literally probably like 2 feet of hair. Now, it’s grown some and I can have “Lisa Rinna bangs”. I think chunky bangs are funky and cool.

My Mint Pumps!

3.) Mint “Pop” Pieces

Like Lady Gaga predicted, Mint is in this season! I just so happen to love this color!

A Gallery of  this Saturday’s Seductions

From the Cigar Factory in NOLA

Cher, the original Queen of Chunky Bangs

Mint Amore’

What are you finding attractive this Saturday?

Current Obsessions


Me Currently, Rocking my Cher hat for good luck * motivationJackie Nicole Stringfellow

I’m at it again, procrastinating that is. So, while I count down the hours I have until this exam, I will continue to do so until I work up enough stress to actually study. I work well under pressure. So without further ado, here are my current obsessions, my lovely little Bunnies.


Jesse Jo Stark: She is young, fierce, & ballsy as all get out. I ❤ an unique individual. I’m also looking forward to her collection! I mean, how can you not be cool as Hell when your dad is the owner of Chrome Hearts &  DId I mention Cher is her God Mother?? LUCKY little, gorgeous, Bitch.

Touch their Fire:: http://www.jessejostark.com/ or http://chromehearts.com/


Angel Porrino: She’s blonde, out spoken, young, and funky fresh. What’s not to love? Plus, I love her bad ass style and clothing choices!
Touch their Fire: http://twitter.com/#!/angelporrino

Lip Smackers: they’re fun, cheap, and sparkly (oh and so tasty)

Beyonce’s new fragrance, Heat: It smells so alluring and so sexy!

Crazy Little Things: I recently purchased these various little Beauts, and I can not put them down.

Cup Cake Hat from Hot Topic:

Tube Socks from Hot Topic:

Grey Black Polka Dot Glitter Cupcakes Knee-High Socks Sku 170079Black Pink And Purple Stripe Knee-High Crew Socks Sku 172281

&&& My lovely new Charlie Sheen T-Shirt:



Touch their Fire: hottopic.cmCharlie Sheen Winning Girls T-Shirt


Beast Mode My Life.


My Motto for 2011: BEAST MODE

Over my break I did alot of things…workout I did occasionally. So, to make up for it and ground I lost for taking a break, I whipped my butt into gear this past week and went into beast mode. I am currently sitting in my chair with sore thighs, abs, and arms. Needless to say, I covered my ground. I want to be the best possible me in 2011 and I’m starting it off right!!! What did you guys make as resolutions? Mine are as follows:

1. No Procrastination

2. Workouts Steady and Hardcore

3.Complete my first half-marathon

4.No Procrastination

5.Absolutley no processed foods

6.Rotate between Jillian Michaels 6 pack abs/30 day shred daily

7. Get up to 7 miles running

I know I shoot high and aim for many, but what is a life without aspirations??


The Beast Mode Workout I’ve been doing…. DUN DUN DUN


a.) The past two nights I’ve done Level 1 of Jillian Michaels 6 pack Abs in 6 Weeks, let me tell you it works! I did it with no added weight and was sore. It is a mixture of cardio/abs incorporating the entire body. AWESOME.

b.) 5 Stadium Snakes + Running Laps= Killer Cardio

c.) Hitting the Gym for whole body, esp. arms,back, and abs

—-repeating this daily on top of teaching dance beast mode, I believe so.


Happy New Year!

Fun TidBits!

Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper on New Years..

Kathy and……CHER in Hawaii!




New Loves….YUMMY

A HodgePodge of Goodies :)


I’m just in a blogging mood these past few days…even though I have tons of work to do for school. Guys, when people tell you your senior year of college will be crazy, they meant it! Anyhow, as I promised here’s a fun little mixture of random tid bits that currently interest me.


How to ‘Burlesque’-Up

I’m in a burlesquing mood these days (okay, due to Cher/Christina Aguleria’s new movie); here are a few tips from stylist Rachel Zoe on how to add a little splash of Burlesque to your look.

A.) Pearls and Feathers add a lovely taste!

B.) Leather

C.) Red Lips

D.) Lace

E.) Your ‘WERK’ Heels

(Forever 21)

Fendi - Belted Peplum Leather JacketRobert Rodriguez - Seamed Leather Dress

Blank Denim - Cropped Leather Skinny Jeans(Marc Jacobs)

(Yves Saint Laurent Rouge VolupteNARS Velvet Matte Lip PencilCoverGirl Continous Color Lipstick in Really Red)

Bisou Bisou 'trista'Black Leather Platform Heeled Booties With Side Lace UpFall's Best Booties – A Shopping Guide At Every Price Point


(Here’s a list of the things I give a 2 thumbs up to!)

For Colored Girls– This movie is such a wonderful blend of artistic beauty, with its fusion of amazing acting, poetry, dialgoue, human struggles, and human triumphs! Def. a must see. It was originally a play consisting of poetry!

Rain Boots, seems like I’m using these now more than ever around here.

Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Latte, what a warming way to get in the holiday spirit! Of course, I order this with nonfat milk and no whip. But, if you want to splurge every now and again go for it!

Chapstick and  Petroleum Jelly, I prefer Burt’s Bees or Lipsmackers and the PJ is cheap but oh so effective!


Kathy Griffin as Cher 🙂


Newly purchased books! Oh, how I am so addicted to book shopping!


Christina Perry’s Jar of Hearts video- this is so beautiful and tremendously captivatingly alluring. The video is so artistic, and from a dancer/choreographer POV it’s just simple in the most natural, glorious way! I love this so much; the song is lovely and identifiable!


Alanis Morissette’s “Not As We”: she’s gorgeous, simple yet complex, and honest as nature’s winds. This is such a laid back, contemporary tune. I love it and the video is just full of gorgeous scenary.