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If You Could Be Any Vampire..


Before everyone climbed aboard the vampire train, I was already enjoying smooooth sailing. When every little girl wanted to be a princess, I wanted to be Dracula’s bride or Kirstin Dunst in “Interview with the Vampire.” Vampires are so mysterious, beautiful, cold, calculative, and fictional. Their beauty, charm, and history are the qualities that I believed pulled me into their depths. Anyway, I was mentally checking off my favorite vampires and it hit me, if I could be a vampire, which vampire would I be? You have so many options! Here are some of my top picks.

The Vicious, Fashionista Vamp

1.) Pam from True Blood

If you wanted to be cold,  heartless, vicious, and fashionable, then Pam is your vamp.

The unforgiving, decieving, charming vamp

2.) If you’d like to be the male version of Pam, you know: powerful, vicious,charming, unforgiving, and decieving, then Lestat de Lioncourt is your bloodsucker.

The Ass-Kicking, Guns Ablazing, Sexy Vamp

3.) If you’d like to be kick-ass, guns ablazing, sexy, and royalty, then Selene is your immortal.

The devilishy handsome, shameful Vampire

4.) This is my favorite vampire, the thoughtful, incredibly dreamy, shameful, desperately wanting to be human, Louis. He’s my favorite, hands down.

Dracula, need I say more?

5.) If you’d like to be the king of all vampires, ruthless, ancient, and alluring then Dracula is your beast.

My list could go on and one, but these are just some highlights. I’d be Pam, because she’s the exact opposite of my personality. As you can see, my vamps are not the current ones (aside from True Blood, come on. That’s an amazing show), they’re the original vamps of cinema and tale!

Suggested Reads: The Last Vampire (series), Dracula, Interview with the Vampire and I am Legend.


In Honor of Halloween!


It’s so close to Halloween and I’m wondering where the chilling winds, falling multi-colored leaves, and scarecrows are? In my little southern town it’s hot as heck and no falling leaves are evident. It’s sad, but at least we still have the stores with all their Halloween goodies!

In honor of Halloween, I decided to have some fun and post some of my favorite things that compliment this season and this Halloween!


Scary Movies! Seriously, how can you have a Frightful time with no Monsters??



Child’s Play: Okay, as a kid this little doll scared the CRAP out of me! That flaming red hair, freaky green eyes, nasty teeth, and just the thought of a doll coming to life and killing people freaked me out. I accredit Chucky, as to why I never played with dolls.




This movie is a classic and is equally as terrifying! I love the young Jamie Lee Curtis in the first, and I loved the new Rob Zombie Halloween; it’s so creatively great and really explains the character of Michael Meyers. Also, that version is responsible for my different take on Nazareth’s Love Hurts.



Okay, I will admit the Leprechaun movies are kind of silly when looking at them now (years after loving them as a child), but they still have a very scary edge to them. I mean, it’s about a little, horribly ugly Leprechaun that’s a psychopath and only interested in killing people! My personal favorite is the one where Leprechaun terrorizes Las Vegas! Besides, the first Leprechaun was Jennifer Aniston’s first big movie.


Stephen King’s Pet Sematary

Yes, it’s old, but it’s a classic! The beauty of these movies is the scenarios are so realistic, I mean I find myself considering them. The movie is centered around a sematary that’s an indian burial site, and has the power to bring back the buried (in that sematary). It’s creepy, yet thoughtful. Plus, it’s a Stephen King novel-can’t go wrong.


Nightmare on Elm Street

I have recently bought all of these movies, and I do not remember them being as silly as they are! I mean, I guess that’s what happens when you grow up and watch a movie with a new sense of reality and new technology. But, besides that, the main idea of the story is scary enough. A man with knifes for a hand that comes and kills you in your dreams? Really, this is why I was so terrified of sleeping as a child!


The Grudge

Say what you want, but this movie is scary and freaking Creepy as all get out! This still creeps me out when I watch it! The story is awesome and the little kid and girl are scary! This movie was the only movie to make me scream in a theatre! I was that girl.

John Carpenter’s The Thing

What’s scarier than a bunch of people stuck together in Antarctica with a shape-shifting monster running lose? It’s a little old 1982, but it’s still great, besides Kurt Russell is in it!


Any Vampire Movie! Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a vampire or two! These are my all time favorites!

Interview with the Vampire: seriously, need I say more than BRAD PITT looking too beautiful for words with his long hair and creamy complexion or a young Kirsten Dunst and a cocky, deviant Tom Cruise?

Dracula: young Wynonna Ryder starrs as the love interest of the legendary Dracula! (fresh from co-starring along side Cher) and an awesome wardrobe/time frame!

Underworld: I love every movie in the series! They are so amazing and shoot brilliantly! Not only do they contain realistic fighting, shooting, morphing scenes, but they also have a beautiful Kate Beckinsale and handsome vampires and lykins!


Now that we have Scary Movies out of the way, let’s tackle the SPOOKY TREATS that are a must for this All Hallows Eve!



I hope everyone has a fun, happy, and safe Halloween! Now, go eat some candy and try not to acquire a tummy ache! I’ll leave you with these happy Halloween memories of mine from last year and what/who I am going to be this year!

Halloween 09′

I was Chicken Little

This year I am going to be Gene Simmons from KISS!!! But, there’s a twist..

PLUS =Current Gene