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My Lovely Disorganized Cognitions


beautiful.jpg hello image by michellecarmelx3

This week has been eventful! I’ve had two exams, stayed up (studying) for over 48 hours,becoming a regular at a cool little coffee shop, admired the beginnings of the fall winds dancing along the spines of many leaves, and consumed more coffee than StarBucks can serve in one day..

5SummerSunandFallLeaves.jpg Summer Sun and Fall Leaves image by blayderboi89


and I re-read Marya Hornbaucher’s Wasted; oh, how I love that wonderful piece of literary art! I love my ear-clipped, coffee splattered, tattered, pen/highlighter markings that accompany the pages. Anyhow, today was my fiance’s 26 birthday, it was warmly delightful complete with silly string, letter candles, my mommy’s home made chocolate praline cake and baked spagetthi!


Pumpkin painting, dance teaching, facebooking,browsing post secret, developing a strange fascination for insomnia, consuming a dreadful hunger for an array of fashion magazines, oh and did I mention saving 2 friends from going to jail? All in a day’s work.


Who could ask for more, right?


Post Secret


PostSecret Community

This website is a place where secrets are revealed via Postcards. It is fascinating, joyful, sad, and inspirational. “PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people
mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard.”

Just a few examples; you should check this out for yourself. This site has published books with previous posts and secrets! It’s a great book collection or website to add. They also update every Sunday!