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Coffee Adventures


Gizmo, Guns n Roses, & Costume Jewelry ~ Perfecto.

Once again, my steaming cup of java and I, are met with early morning showers. It’s alright. I love rain. There’s a simplicity that’s beautiful about rain. Anyhow, I hope everyone’s enjoying Father’s Day. I’m off to visit my Daddy!

Coffee and Chicory

Today’s coffee pick is a New Orleans classic Coffee and Chicory. When I first moved here, I was perplexed. Chicory? I tried it and it’s pretty tastey. I love the Community Coffee House’s blend. It’s Arabica beans and high quality chicory . “The bittersweet richness of chicory lends itself to a heavier-bodied coffee that has become a New Orleans favorite. Made with 100% Arabica premium and specialty coffee beans.”  It was brought to the states during the Civil War by the French. They found that when brewed, it gave the coffee an almost chocolate flavor and lessens the bitter edge of coffee! Go, try it for yourself!


That nice,smart, dance teacher, and Cher fan…


Okay, so who am I? Have you ever stopped and tried to explain to someone esle who you really are? It’s pretty freaking difficult, but I’m going to try my best! So, 5,6,7,8, here I go.

I’m Jackie Stringfellow, born June 28, 1989 to Joanie and Travis Stringfellow! I have 3 little sisters: Jena, Jana, and Jade. Jena and Jana are twins (who are also 16) and little Jade is 15. I am the big 21. I am a southern girl (not country, but yes I love my Southern roots); I was born an raised in Irvington, Al. For some of you, it’s basically Bayou La Batre, Forrest Gumps home town. I’m 5’1 and (as I’ve  been told “tiny”) small. I’d say Paula Abdul fun sized! Needless to say, I’m always the runt in the room!

I am a college senior at Spring Hill College, where I will be  (in May 2011) graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. From there, I plan on attending graduate school to get my Masters, then my Ph.D. My goal is to become a clinical Psychologist, specializing in addictions and eating disorders; I myself, am a recovering bulimic. I developed Bulimia when I was 15; I’ve been struggling ever since. But, I can gladly say that since I was about 17, It’s mostly been recovery with periods of relapses (you can check out my whole detailed eating disordered history over in the “My Eating Disordered Past and Crawl to Recovery” category). This is what led me to Psychology! I only want to help, encourage, inspire other suffers! You can do this; you can beat the disease and live YOUR LIFE!

I’ve been dancing since I was 2 years old; it’s my passion; it’s what I love. I now teach dance for Mrs.Kelly Robinson Shelton, at Robinson’s School of Dance (Check out the link for some more information!http://robinsonsschoolofdance.com/). I’ve been teaching for 4 years and love every minute of it! I also have a passion for writing! I write stories, poems, anything really! I’ve actually completed a novel and started on another (access to that novel is also available via link: http://jackiesshc.wordpress.com/). Okay, my last passion is exercise and fitness. I especially love running in the rain! It’s my way of life; it’s how I’ve managed to stay alive and not die from bulimia. To me, fitness is a way of life, it is happiness, health, and recovery! I’ve come along way from my former over-obsessive workout days on treadmills in sweat pants/sweat shirts for hours!

Now for some random facts about me!

*I’m a total CHER FREAK! I love Cher! I’ve been a die hard since I was 14 years old! She has my heart!

*I’m addicted to Coffee. Why yes, I’ll take some coffee with my sugar and cream!

*I love Paula Abdul and Jillian Michaels

*Kathy Griffin is my crack!

*Abstract art inspires me

*I love all music but my favorite genres are Classic rock and Oldies!

*My favorite saying is probably Your Mama

*I’m very much an optimist, even though I use to be a BIG PESSIMIST!

*I have a herniated disk in my lower back from a tumbling accident!

*I think individuality is an amazing thing to possess! BE YOUR TRUE SELF!

*I’m very much an independent woman

*I’m not really a democrate or a republican. I float between the two on most issues!

*I’m a huge animal lover.

*I am pretty silly and I don’t believe in taking yourself too seriously. Laughter is medicine for the soul!

*I’m a total book worm. Books are enchanted lands that let me escape from reality!